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Baltika Brewery (Russian: Пивоваренная компания "Балтика") is the second largest brewing company in Europe and the leader of the Russian beer market with over 38% market share. It is headquartered in St. Petersburg and owned by the Danish brewing company Carlsberg.

GingerFinn from Canada shares her thoughts about Baltika Breweries beer in a review posted by BEER ADVOCATE website: "Skunked as all heck. Smelled literally like skunk spray or marijuana. The entire party kind of collectively gagged when I poured it into a glass. The taste was watery, bitter, chemical-like. Just not anything I would ever want to try again."


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Former Employee - Project Manager says

"No paid overtime for most, and most do overtime job No full sick-leave compensation (at all - you lose money even you sick 1 day in a year!) Very limited DMS Fake trade-union organized by company itself, no real power to garantee workers rights Location - no public transport nearby"

lageransvarlig for Forsyningen (Former Employee) says

"Der er desværre blevet stor mangel på ledelse, der bliver ikke fulgt op på aftaler."

Plant Head (Former Employee) says

"I was asked to go over night without a reason till date. I assumed that my resistance to bribing, compromise on product quality affecting consumer health and other unethical activities by the company in India. Most of the top Management is a level down when compared with other beer companies in the quality of people hired. A nightmare experience. The recent global press reports are exposing the company’s unethical practices followed by its top management to gain market share and uninterrupted plant operations in India."

autista patente b (Former Employee) says

"la cooperativa appaltatrice totalmente incompetente"

State Head (Current Employee) says

"No work life balance, no proper system in place , all issue management blam on sales guys , no proper communication only downward communication, no reward and no recognitionIncentiveLong hour, work life balance"

Procurement (Former Employee) says

"Overall bad management, some of the leadership team do not care of people, teams, workload and the health of employees. There is absolutely no job security and career plan/advancement is not a priority to the company."

Internal Auditor (Former Employee) says

"Having worked in Carlsberg Malaysia Berhad for 15 years, I finally realised the Management were not since in their promises in career advancement or opportunity for career advancement.Stable job.Stagnated position and salary"

Drivers Mate (Current Employee) says

"there is a great atmosphere between co-workers and the pay is good. the worst part of the job is the management do not take an interest in the whole aspect of the job. health and safety go out the window along with career progression as long as the job gets donelong hours, no career progression, health and safety issues"

Production Executive (Former Employee) says

"Management and HR not effective to employee those that want to learning and to be grow. Only Bad Politics here among management that paid by down the employee."

HGV Driver (Current Employee) says

"A typical day at Carlsberg is started the night before waiting till 7ish for your text telling you your start time for the following day which can be anything for 5 am to 7.30am you arrive on site find your vehicle which most of the time will have been loaded overnight by the warehouse which you are responsible for with between 8 and 11 ton of a mixture of Kegs and cases you will have between 6 and 17 drops to deliver to and collect empties from most days range between 9 and 11.5 hours if you dont like hard heavy work this is definitely not for you however the people doing the same job level as you are brilliant and cant do enough to help you with advice and assistance the hardest part of the job is dealing with the lower management always being pressured to do more in less time, the long hours overtime taken for granted the most enjoyable part of the job is the comradery between your fellow workers on the shopfloor and the customers you have a laugh with as well as the physicality of the work which keeps you fit the pay is not good for hgv drivers but not too bad for matesfree coffe machinelong hours incompetent management"

System Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Its a great platform for us to develop our ideas and demonstrate. I had a great quality time. I thankful to my lead and manager for encouraging my works and ideas.workplace creativitylong hours"

operator produkcji (Current Employee) says

"Zespół git a u góry poz menago w dopiero teraz widaćPiwoBrak realnej oceny"

Supply Chain Executive (Current Employee) says

"A nice place to work but due to company restructuring. Organization chart has rearrangge and no enough ground staff to execute activity. Lack of growing opportunity as import from outside instead of growing existing staff."

Associate Manager - Finance & Accounts (SCM) says

"6 days working in Plants Plant locations 40-50 km Vicinity from City 7 Own Plants across India 3 Big Plants in Hyderabad, Aurangabad & Mysore India Business is slowing due to Lot of Govt Regulations."

Convoyeur-livreur (Former Employee) says

"je livrai dans divers commerces ex:café-hôtel-restaurant-etc....les horairesmauvais management"

Magasinier (Former Employee) says

"ik werkte daar als student, mijn taak was dus om het leeggoed van de vrachtwagens te sorteren en op te stapelen op drankniet zo goed betaalt"

carrellista -autista CE (Former Employee) says

"lavoro su 3 turni ,magazzinere-carrellista .disponibile da subito per qualunque lavoro."

Electrical & Automation Control Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Good learning experience -I got a lot of knowledge in the fields of Automation control ,process control,Instrumentation control other electrical systems; strong team-there are the people who posses the skills and knowledge in particulary fields; Low salary-But salary is not good in Myanmar"

executive (Former Employee) says

"it is a nice place to learn but career growth is almost nil for every one. you cant expect the benifits apart from your salary. work pressure is little bit high"

MAGAZZINIERE AUTISTA (Former Employee) says

"Giornata lavorativa carico camion preparazione carichi del giorno dopo Pulizia locali scarico bilici Imparato I prodotti Gestione azienda negativa Colleghi ottimi Nessuna parte difficile Parte piacevole il preparare I carichi dei giorni"

QA Executive (Current Employee) says

"work culture ok, but sources limited to do new implementations, work pressure balanceable, expecting without efforts from management but good in respect the employeefood fcility thereless support from mnagment"